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Your Sim Website

Get rid of outdated notecards and quickly update your community as often as you need. Provide beneficial information for character creation.

Player Applications

Throw out notecard dropboxes and stop weeding through applications to manual send group invites. One-click approval with mass group invites.

Inspire Community

Connect your community with sim-based social media, forums, polls, surveys, and chat between players to create and grow a community around your sim.

Built with WordPress

The Klimact platform is built on top of the most widely used content management system in the world, WordPress. This move was strategic in allowing for a shorter learning curve for non-technical sim owners and allows for a network of support for additional tools.

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Page Builder

Easily change the colors and layout of your site to engage players, potential players, as well as relay information like rules, pictures, and lore.

Character Sheets

Create simple or intricate character sheets, customized to your lore, to help support and drive roleplay between players in your sim.

Group Inviter

Invite rpers to your groups without being logged in Second Life as well as easily check to make sure players have accepted the invitation.

Add-on Modules

Add on modules such are rentals, economy, social media, forums, crafting, combat, life systems, and more, all managed with one site.

Cloud Hosting

Our cloud-hosted servers keep our group inviter bots running at optimal capacity as well as providing adequate space for your site to grow.

Register Domain

Create a custom subdomain for your site or purchase a domain main for a completely branded experience for your sim.


We Help Build Communities

Our number one purpose is to grow and inspire communities that not only open doors to explore fantasy but to also help us better understand each other. We give back to in the following ways:

  • Providing land for roleplay area testing & development

  • Educate creators on community building mechanics

  • Inspiring kink aware diversity & inclusion

  • Facilitate data collection for consent engagements

Current Roleplay Sims

The Colony - Seda Island

Modern Urban Sci-Fi

Juniper City, IL

Urban Realism

Terra Sector 2149

Futuristic Sci-Fi

Lost Orleans

Rural Realism

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