We Give Back to Create Communities


What is the Klimact Project?

The Klimact Project is our way of providing support in the exploration of roleplay communities in Second Life. There are certain factors heavily seen in the roleplay communities that allows us to cultivate tools, provide education, and develop processes that can traverse both our virtual and real lives.

Land Availability

We provide land to assist residents in the creation of roleplay universes to further grow the story building community. Players provide us with their vision and we provide the canvas for them to paint. You can submit your requests to be considered for land here.

Community Building

Once a month, starting in April 2019, we will host monthly meetups of sim owners and players to discuss trends in the roleplay community. This provides us data on how we can assist, what support is needed in the community, and what players are requesting in their realm of exploration.

Kink Awareness & Sexuality

Erotic roleplay areas are prominent in Second Life but are typically left out of the discussion of roleplay communities and are least supported due to certain taboos and biases discussed in the roleplay community. We hope to normalize these areas by giving light to quality standards, diversity and inclusion, and the communities that support them.

Consent Engagements

To complement the work done for Kink Awareness, we explore the notion of consent engagements in which roleplayers are intrinsically expected to honor consent limitations. Unfortunately, the notion of consent is not so easily understood in our real lives so we are using scenarios created in roleplay scenes to better create training tools and provide data for legislative measures typically presented by the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.


Why in Second Life?

The roleplay community in Second Life has developed sound avenues for the exploration of lifestyles as well as the mechanics of consent. Creating limitations and setting clear standards for engagement has helped to create a robust community of individuals that expect to respect boundaries, celebrate differences, and work towards community openness. If these tools can be harnessed and expanded in Second Life, these scenarios give us hope and use cases for working together in real life.

Not only will we be helping to support a thriving community of storytellers, we will also be working to a better and more tolerant real life that inspires consent and understanding of our fellow man. Data we collect from sims we partner with will be combined into a report of use cases that will be presented to the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom, a not for profit organization seeking to normalize sexual choices, provided by Bantunium Inc, a not for profit organization seeking to solve diversity and inclusion initiatives in business.