Our Product Roadmap

View the planned features for the platform and request features below.

Product Rollouts

January 1

Web Portal Alpha Release

We released the Beta version of the Web Portal with The Colony – Seda Island and processed over 500 player applications in less than 1 week.
February 1

Group Inviter Launch

We launched the Klimact Group Inviter that allows admins to automatically invite players to the group upon application approval.
March 1

Web Portal Beta Release

We learned a lot from the alpha and made a lot of updates for the beta to be sure we were properly targeting the needs of sim admins and players.
July 1

Web Portal Full Release

The web portal will have a more seamless experience to allow sim owners to gain more insight into sim health and interact with players easier. Features will be: Simplified Page Builder, Detailed Registration Process, Multi-Group Inviter, and Enhanced Character Sheets.
March 1

Klimact Central Ver. 1

Players can create free profiles to showcase all of there roleplay characters without the limitations of a Second Life profile.
July 1

Roleplay System Alpha Release

The Klimact Roleplay System is a meter built mostly for non-metered combat roleplay sims with a stat-based dice role and life system.
September 1

Roleplay System Beta Release

The Roleplay System will evolve into a cleaner code with a Life System, Titler, Player Stats, Stats-Based Dice Roll, Multi-Race Selections, Arena Mode, and Stats-Based Weapons. This system is designed to automate character stats without the necessity for leveling and experience points.
October 1

Economy System Alpha Release

The Economy System pairs with the Web Portal and the Roleplay System for a complete sim management tool that allows players to fully immerse in the universe while admins can onboard more players in less time.
January 1

Economy Beta Release

For the economy beta release, we will be focusing on the following features: Currency, Crafting, Rentals, IC Employment, and a Chat and Voice system similar to Discord built into the Web Portal.